Veracity Consulting’s Vice President of Technology, Amy Krohn delivers the following recap of the cybersecurity happenings for the end of January 2018 time period.

Misconfigured Jenkins Servers Leak Sensitive Data

Analysis of Jenkins servers found that many of them leak sensitive information, including ones belonging to high-profile companies. Jenkins is an open source automation server used by some software developers for continuous integration and delivery.  Check in with your development teams to investigate and close this security hole.

The Spectera Diabolical Continues…

Last Wednesday, Intel delivered information on the performance impact of the “Meltdown and Spectre” patches on data centers, and the company told customers that systems with several types of processors may experience more frequent reboots after firmware updates are installed. The company reported seeing performance penalties ranging from 2-14% on these types of systems.

Cisco Patches Flaws in Email Security and a Few Other Products: Cisco has patched several high severity vulnerabilities, including ones that allow privilege escalation and denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, in its Unified Customer Voice Portal (CVP), Email Security, and NX-OS products. Check with your engineers on the status of getting these patches installed.

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