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Veracity Consulting

Founded in 2006, Veracity Consulting is the result of a key observation from CEO and founder, Angela Hurt.  Companies were finding technology increasingly difficult to manage and overly complicated for businesses.  Technology was changing how we worked together, interact with people, with businesses, and how we live. Businesses wanted help.   This gap led Angela to create the vision of the “Veracity” experience and Veracity Consulting, Inc. was born.  Veracity Consulting, Inc.’s mission is to change the complex world of technology into a more efficient and profitable solution for your business.

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This isn’t just a chance to work with great people, new technology, or create something meaningful.  It’s your opportunity to bring your technology savvy and imagination to life. At Veracity Consulting, we work side by side to turn ideas into reality. Here — it’s not just the job you want — it’s who you are that matters. Interested ?

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At Veracity,  our experts will share insights, models, examples, and provide demonstrations. We believe its our job to arm you with as much knowledge and information possible so that you can make an informed decision.  We then help you select the best solution, detail that solution, and develop implementation plans that work for you. Learn more about Veracity Consulting’s practices.


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Our collaborative framework allows our team and your team to work effectively when dealing with technology, data, processes, and business interactions. Our goal is to help you improve your customer relationships and increase their lifetime value.


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